It Was Free for Me, But You Have to Pay

Marco Rubio thinks immigrants should come to the country the “right way,” like his parents who fled Cuba. However, Cubans get free green cards but Mexican immigrants get sent back. Apparently the “right way” doesn’t apply to a child from Juarez, whose family fled due to the drug wars.

Barack Obama thinks I should have to pay for health care even when it will bankrupt my family. Never mind the fact that he is wealthy and the government still pays for his family’s health care. He will never have a child break a leg and wonder if it’s best to re-set it and miss a mortgage payment or take the child to urgent care. Apparently “universal health care” is paid for on the back of working class families rather than the shared taxation of an entire nation.

Mitt Romney thinks we should pay for our college education and our health care and pull ourselves up by the proverbial boot straps, but in his case, he gets the nifty trust fund boots and servants who will pull the straps up for him. Apparently hard work and determination are for those whose fathers weren’t CEOs of car companies and governors with tons of connections.

I mention this, because I teach immigrant students who are told with a condescending political tone that they need to do things “the right way.” They work hard. They believe the myth. And then they are told, when it doesn’t work out for them that they simply didn’t work hard enough. It will be their fault they don’t have papers. It will be their fault they don’t have health care. It will be their fault they didn’t start multi-million dollar business. 

Because, ultimately, “you should work hard and quit asking for a handout” applies to those in poverty but not to those who make the laws.


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