#39: Anthorpomorphism

We have a lizard in our class named Mr. Pancho.  He doesn’t do much, really.  Just sits and eats a cricket each day and turns colors depending on his location.  However, the students study him closely, pointing out when he is scaling a wall or begging to watch when he catches a cricket.

It’s odd to me, considering the fact that we rarely give that type of emphasis to our own human experience.  When was the last time we lined up in front of Home Town Buffet to watch people eat?  When was the last time we watched someone in camo blend into a tree?

He has morphed into more than simply a class pet.  He now has his own blog and posts to our class blog.  One group has decided he should run for Congress, reasoning that he’s already green so he might as well be part of the Green Party.  Besides, the Constitution doesn’t stipulate “human.”  Students now write their anonymous blog posts as Mr. Pancho Posts.

They have given him human characteristics.  Sometimes they think he is sad or grumpy or bored or sleepy.  Who knows?  Perhaps they are right.  However, every once in awhile I catch them talking to him.

“I know what it’s like to try and blend in.”

Another student said, “Rough night.  Me too.”

This doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile it occurs with the first student in or the last student out.  Someone makes a comment to Mr. Pancho about everyone watching or blending in or having to sit still.  It’s become one of my favorite parts of this school year – a little unexpected anthropomorphism.


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