#21: Random Connections

“Cells do all the work, but you as a whole get the credit.  So, get this, that’s like the factory workers we read about, right?  I mean, the factory, the big thing, that’s what people think of.  So, what if the same is true of cells?  I mean, what if each cell has a personality?”

It’s random.  He’s tying in reading and science in ways I couldn’t expect.

I ask the students to find me something that is alive but has no cells.  I ask them to prove it to me empiracly and I then have to explain the definition of empiracle repeatedly.

“Memories live, but have no cells. You could interview people,” a student e-mails.

“Viruses are alive, I think.  But they’re smaller than cellls, right?  Or not.  I don’t really know.”

Quite a few kids take it as a riddle and answer “Love” or “God” and I’m struck by the notion that, because this isn’t a “science classroom,” my students feel the freedom to make random connections that had never crossed my mind.


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