#17: Unsolicited Student Advice

I would never encourage someone to run a red light.  Then again, I would never encourage someone to remain stopped on a green light.

I have a loud student this year who tested me from the first day.  He’s already beginning to settle down, but it was a challenge at first to figure out ways to redirect him without using coercion. A time-out would have been easy, a detention even easier.

As we were walking to the electives class, a shy girl approached me and said, “He’s like that with all teachers. Don’t let him get away with it.”

“All students will figure out our class rituals,” I explained when I wanted to say “Who are you to be telling me how to run my class?”

“Sometimes it’s harder for extroverts who are naturally a little louder,” I explained to her.

“Whatever’s the opposite of an extrovert is what I am. I’m shy.”

“I’ve noticed. You’re probably what’s called an introvert.”

“You know how you don’t let extroverts get away with being loud all year?”


“Well, can you also not let the introverts get away with being quiet all year as well?”

photo credit – It’sGreg’s Photostream on Flickr Creative Commons


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